What is a plumbing inspection?

We offer a complete examination of your home’s plumbing to determine its current condition by our expert plumbing inspectors in Akron, OH. The following is a list of the things that get considered during a proper plumbing inspection:

What Does a Plumbing Inspection Entail?

Inspections of your plumbing are a crucial component of your home’s routine maintenance schedule. We will walk you through the steps of a plumbing inspection in this post, tell you who can do them, and give you a ballpark estimate of how much one would cost.

We believe you will concur that plumbing inspections are worthwhile.


Secure Your Home – The structure and property of your home might suffer catastrophic damage from even a small plumbing issue.

These minor flaws are the hardest for the untrained eye to identify and, if disregarded, can grow over time to become a much bigger problem. A skilled plumber’s evaluation of your plumbing system might help you avoid a plumbing emergency.

Save Money – Even the slightest leaks have the potential to cause expensive damage that is hard to restore. The home’s structure does not frequently sustain damage, but also personal items like photos and souvenirs. 

The modest expense of a plumbing examination is significantly less than the potential cost of repairing and replacing your drywall, flooring, and ceilings.

Peace of Mind – Finding a leak and wondering where it’s coming from, not to mention the potential damage it may have done, can be a scary experience for a homeowner.

By arranging a regular plumbing check, you can prevent leaks from taking control of your home and ensure that they are swiftly found and fixed. A homeowner finds great comfort in knowing that their home’s plumbing system is secure and operating as it should.

How Frequently Should Plumbing be Checked?

Plumbing firms frequently advise having plumbing inspectors in Akron, OH, of your home’s plumbing at least every two years. We prefer yearly plumbing inspections if your home is years old and the plumbing has never changed.

Maintenance Plan vs. Plumbing Inspection

It is time to schedule a plumbing inspection now that you know what it entails and how important it is to have one done. A plumbing inspection is a crucial component of your plumbing maintenance program, regardless of whether you are building a new house or moving into an older home.

We provide a maintenance plan in addition to our stand-alone plumbing examination. A comprehensive plumbing examination and a video inspection of your complete sewer system can get conducted as part of the maintenance plan, which is an option for homeowners.

Your professional will find your home’s main water supply valve, show you where it is, and explain what to do if there is a leak in your home after inspecting your sewer line.

Plumbing and Sewer Inspections 

We provide excellent plumbing inspection services to assist you with the condition of your residential or commercial structure.

KMG Inspection will accurately examine your plumbing needs, saving you the anxiety of figuring out what problems your plumbing system is having.

Our neighborhood depends on us to provide reliable plumbing inspection services. To assess the state of your sewer and plumbing system, we use high-tech tools, including recorded drain and sewer video inspections.

After the home inspection, we will give you a thorough report of what we discovered. That’s all there is to it!

Camera Inspections for Plumbing 

Whether you’re seeking to evaluate the condition of your current house or have recently purchased a new one, plumbing inspectors in Akron, OH, by KMG Inspection will help you.

We can assess the drain precisely with a video examination. We will assist you in solving the enigma if you believe there is a problem with your pipes but are unclear about what it is.

Do you suspect that your plumbing may be having a problem? To arrange for a plumbing and sewer check, contact us immediately.

Services for Sewer Camera Inspection

Modern technology allows us to look inside our pipes virtually and take pictures of what we see. Not always was that feasible. Even the plumbers in the past had to rely on informed predictions based on what they could observe personally.

KMG Inspection uses cutting-edge equipment during a sewer camera inspection to comprehensively inspect your plumbing and sewer system. We’ll utilize our in-pipe video equipment to take pictures and record any damage we uncover during the sewer line inspection.

The following will get accomplished by a plumbing camera inspection performed by us:

  • Evaluate the state and quality of your plumbing and sewer system
  • Accurately pinpoint the precise location of any damage.
  • Determine the kind of harm.
  • Create a resource you can provide plumbers to use for repairs.

Test Out Our Services for Sewer Camera Inspections for Yourself!

Consider getting a whole-home plumbing inspection if you think there may be a problem with your plumbing and sewer system. We are one of the most reputable pipe inspection firms and have provided our knowledge and cutting-edge tools to homes and businesses for years! Through our efforts, we will perform your sewage inspection efficiently, precisely, and stress-free.

Contact one of our plumbing inspectors in Akron, OH, right away to arrange your plumbing and sewer inspection or to receive a price quotation for a plumbing inspection!

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