The Importance of Proper Bathroom Exhaust Systems

Regardless of what kind of ventilation system may be installed for the rest of the house, exhaust fans are recommended in the bathrooms to remove excess moisture, cleaning chemical fumes, etc. The fan should be ducted to exhaust outside of the home. Proper exhaust systems are a very important often unseen part of the home.

Exhaust air from bathrooms, toilet rooms, water closet compartments, and other similar rooms shall not be exhausted into an attic, soffit, ridge vent, crawlspace, or other areas inside the building, or recirculated within a residence or to another dwelling unit.

Operable bathroom windows are a convenient feature, but they should not be relied on for consistently adequate bathroom ventilation.

Not venting exhaust fans properly can cause unseen issues in a home. It is important to have your home inspected to assure vents are properly installed.

The image above shows an incorrect termination of the bathroom exhaust fan into the attic area.  This issue needs to be corrected to avoid added moisture into the attic space which could eventually contribute to health issues.

Signs of moisture are evident by the staining around the roofing fasteners. They become even more evident when there are signs of microbial growth.

Proper bathroom venting of the exhaust goes a long way to help ensure the safety and air quality in your home. This is of great importance for those with allergies and respiratory concerns.

KMG Inspections will inspect all areas of your home to give peace of mind. Most areas of a home go unseen to the average homeowner.  This is why it is very important to hire a professional inspector today.

Some info shared with permission by InterNACHI.

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